Make Good Decisions

This website is dedicated to helping people make more ethically justified decisions – and thereby live better, more integrated lives

How we approach and make decisions is directly tied to how we understand our relationships to one other and what life is all about.

Making choices well involves thinking critically and systematically and treating those involved with respect through the process.

My name is Bashir Jiwani and I am an Ethicist and Director of Ethics Services and Diversity Services for Fraser Health, a large regional health authority in Southern British Columbia, Canada. I spend a lot of time helping individuals, teams, and organizations think through difficult choices.

Through my study and work with a variety of academic, professional, and civil society organizations, and with the help of many, many people, I have been involved in the creation of a number of decision-support tools. (While I work in health care, I believe the thinking behind the tools and the tools themselves can be helpful in a variety of contexts.)

This website is a vehicle for providing access to these tools broadly. My hope is that this will also become a place where the use of these resources can be discussed. I further hope this will lead to improvement in the tools and, more importantly, make a small contribution to our collective thinking about how we should tackle the issues we face every day.


We have made these tools available in various formats and for use either by individuals or by teams of people. You can download them in full or you can download separate sections. For some of the tools we have also set up each step as its own web page for you to review online. Some of these tools are also still being developed, so you will find some pages changing as construction continues.

I hope you will find the website useful and thought-stimulating. And, if you do, I would be delighted to hear how!

Thanks for visiting,