Step 6 – Evaluate Options

In this step, we look at the possible solutions to see which ones best live up to the values that are most important:

  1. List the highest priority values (from Step 4) in the top row.

  2. Choose some of the options brainstormed (from Step 5) and list them in the first column.

  3. For each box in the resulting grid, systematically discuss how well the option in question lives up to the value in question. If an option’s consistency with a value depends on some other factor, make these contingencies explicit.

Tips For Success

  • Choose options that appeal to the group, but also one or two that at first glance don’t look very good.

  • When doing this as a group, put the list of prioritized values next to the list of possible options (flipcharts are helpful for this).

  • Then pick an option and go through each of the prioritized values asking, “How well does this option live up to this value?”