Step 4 – Prioritizing what’s important

What we want unreflectively or when we are caught up in an issue does not always align with what should be most important. This is an opportunity to consider other things that might be important in the situation and then to make a prioritized list of we think should matter most.

This step is very important in the process as the answers we arrive here will become the standards we use to assess the options for responding to our question.

It is useful to keep in mind that there are a number of things that are often important in most of life’s situations. These include that:

  • We treat the others involved in our stories with kindness and care
  • We listen to the views of these people
  • We seek a collaborative solution with these others
  • Our choice is sustainable
  • We privilege long-lasting gain over short-term benefit
  • We pay attention to the needs of the vulnerable in the story
  • We maximize respectful relationships¬†
  • We are honest
  • Our choice is kind to the environment


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 Sample Entry