My name is Bashir Jiwani.

I am the Lead Ethicist and Executive Director of Ethics and Diversity Services for Fraser Health, a large regional health authority in Southern British Columbia, Canada. I spend a lot of time helping individuals, teams, and organizations think through difficult choices.

Ethics is about thinking carefully about what should matter in life and then acting to bring these values alive. This is best done with other people.

Through my study and work with a variety of academic, professional, and civil society organizations, and with the help of many, many people, I have been involved in the creation of a number of decision-support tools and resources. While I work in health care, I believe the thinking behind the tools and the tools themselves can be helpful in a variety of contexts.

This website is a vehicle for providing access to these tools. I hope this will make a small contribution to how we deal with the issues we face every day.

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I hope you will find the website useful and thought-stimulating.

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  • Definition
  • Link to integrity
  • Diff between decision-making and moral distress tools
  • Limits to what MD can do
  • Mention complexity of language (distress, residue, injury, resilience etc.)


  • Define ethical leadership
  • Creating space and conditions for hard conversations
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Clarity of vision
  • Enabling living with integrity


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  • University exercise?
  • Slides on teaching children ethics?
  • Fraser Health’s approach to providing clinical and organizational support was established in 2005 with the creation of Fraser Health Ethics Services.
  • Fraser Health has a framework for raising and addressing ethically challenging issues and questions. The framework includes services for supporting clinical/bedside issues across the continuum of care, system level issues (for developing policies, practice guidelines, and strategies), decision-making tools and resources. Consults can be requested by anyone in the organization including patients and patients’ families/loved ones. The framework includes steps for systematic analysis of issues against values (criteria).
  • The ethics framework that has been developed is becoming increasingly comprehensive and better resourced since that time. The department now includes support for addressing issues of diversity. The ethics framework includes tools, education resources, clinical and system level consultation services, and community engagement resources and mechanisms.


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