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Reflections on Healthcare Leadership Ethics:

Ethically Justified Decisions

Case Commentary:

Use of Evidence for Program Decision Making: Resources for Tobacco Cessation

A Further Landscape:

Ethics in Health Care Organizations and Health/Health Care Policy

An Ethical Analysis:

Exploring Disparities Between Global HIV/AIDS Funding And Recent Tsunami

Ethical and scientific issues surrounding solid organ transplantation in HIV-positive patients:

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

A mandate for regional health ethics resources

Published: December 2004

Ethics and Health Resource Allocation:

A Primer for Policy Makers

An Introduction to Health Ethics Committees:

A Professional Guide for the Development of Ethics Resources

Research Interests

Bashir’s research interests include ethics and public health policy, health care resource allocation, the work of ethics resources in both clinical and organizational ethics, ethical decision-making, ethics in Islam, bioethics in a multicultural context, and issues in ethics and identity.

Working paper

Exploration of an ethically justified response to drug undersupply:

Values and recommendations discussion paper


Bashir is an experienced speaker, having done hundreds of workshops and presentations across Canada and internationally on issues in ethics and health ethics both for academic audiences and to health care administrators, providers, patients and the lay public.

Ethics in Residential Care

Kin Village (March 2017)

Circle of Reflections:

Engaging the Shia Ismaili Value System in Everyday Moral Reasoning (February 2015)

A Day in the Life of a Jamati Leader:

Understanding Value Systems and Living Our Values (March 2014)

Exploring what it means to teach children about integrity and respect from the Shia Ismaili Value System

October 2012

Alliances Conference Canada

(June 2012)

A few of Bashir’s recent presentations:

  • Edmonton, Alberta: Medical Assistance in Dying: Through the lens of Shia Ismaili Muslim Values Systems (January 2017)
  • Houston, Texas (November 2016):• Understanding the Role of Ethics in Civil Discourse: Reflections of a Muslim Bioethicist • From Pluralism to Integrity: the necessity of the other for living our values • Bringing Ethics to Life – Pluralism in Everyday Interactions
  • Richmond, BC: Ethics Literacy: Broadening the Scope of Nursing Experience and Wisdom (November, 2016)
  • Vancouver, BC: A Palliative Approach to Physician Hastened Death (October 2016)
  • Canmore, AB: The Steps in Ethics Consultation & Analysis (April 2015)
  • Vancouver, BC: Ethics Dimensions of System-Level Decision Making (November 2012)
  • St. Johns, Newfoundland: Navigating Safe Pathways to Quality Hospice Palliative Care (September 2011)
  • “Webinar – Teaching and Instilling Ethics” – Aga Khan Education Board for Canada (May 2014)
  • “How to solve ethical dilemmas” – Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (February 2014)
  • “What does it mean to be an LIF International Steering Committee?” – The Ismaili Nutrition Centre (October 2013)
  • “Living with Integrity – Bringing Ethics to Life in Palliative Care” – Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians (June 2013)
  • “Palliative Care, Assisted Death, Dying Amidst Aggressive Treatment: making meaning of the modern dying experience on the part of care providers” – British Columbia Hospice Palliative Care Association (June 2013)
  • “Ethical Decision-Making”  – Fraser Health Leadership Training (January 2012)
  • “Living with Integrity: Towards a Harmonious Workplace in Public Health”  – Fraser Health Public Health Conference (February 2012)
  • “Decision-Making in Residential Care” – Deltaview Ethics Conference (March 2012)
  • “Ethics and System-Level Decision Making” – Fraser Health Intensive Bioethics Training Program (March 2012)
  • “Ethics and Mediation from a Muslim Perspective” – National Conciliation and Arbitration Board for Canada (March 2012)
  • “Clinical Ethics Consultation” – Provincial Health Ethics Network Distance Education Course 2012 (May 2012)
  • “Ethical Decision Making in Hospice Palliative Care” – BC Hospice Palliative Care Conference 2012 (May 2012)
  • “The Alliance Movement: Understanding the Business Behind Business” – Alliance Conference Canada Toronto (June 2012)