test form

    1. Choose an issue you’d like to work through

    2. Write out the facts in the story

    3. Without judging yourself, reflect on how you are feeling about the situation. Check the boxes that apply.

    4. What should be most important in your answer to the question? In answering this question, try to complete the sentence, "It is important that..." Also, try to get to the deeper value at stake by probing yourself with the question, "why is this important to me?"

    As a reminder, sometimes we get caught up in things and lose sight of what really should matter most. Here is a list of things that we often think should matter in life, but that we might easily forget.

    5. List what should matter in priority order:

    6. Brainstorm possible options

    7. Evaluate your choices to see which solution or solutions best live up to what should matter most

    Do an analysis of each of your options, to see how well it lives up to each of your values, using the following process:

    1. Click the button and get the table that lays out each option and your priority values
    2. Go through each option and ask how well it lives up to each value
    3. Possible scale:

    • ✓✓ = totally live up to
    • ✓ = live up to
    • – = neither
    • ✕ = offends a little
    • ✕✕ offends a lot

    Possible Solution / Options
    Possible responses to the key questions

    What's Important / Values
    How well does this allow us to:


    8. Make a decision and carry it out!

    1. Which option lives up to most important?
    2. Can you combine options to live up to what matters?
    3. Make a decision accordingly