Ethically justified decisions

Ethically Justified Decisions – article in Healthcare Management Forum by Bashir Jiwani describes some of the features that make a decision ethically justified and discusses the experience of its use in one Canadian health authority.

Basic Tool

Basic Tool for Making Group / System-Level Decisions. Microsoft Word required.

Online exercise

Complete the exercise online.

Making Choices Well

Making Choices Well worksheet.
Microsoft Word required.

Making Hard Decisions Template

Basic Tool for Making Individual Decisions.
Microsoft Word required.

Ethics-Based Decision Process

An Evidence- and Values-Based Process for Working Through Specific Issue. Basic Tool for Making Group / System-Level Decisions

An elastic process that can be used in 30 minutes or over a greater period, depending on the care the users wish to take in making a decision and the time available to do so.

Basic Tool: Group / System-Level Decisions

To help you get started on the path to making better group decisions, here is a fill-able form that can be used as a basic process for making system-level decisions. (Microsoft Word required)

Journaling Exercise: Productively responding to moral distress

Creates an opportunity for self-reflection on how you are feeling, what you want in life that you can control and how you might act to help bring this about.

Share this document with members of your team(s) and invite them to spend 15 minutes looking through the slides and pausing to answer the four journaling questions included.

Questions to Consider: Leading With Integrity

The brochure provides an overview of important ideas and questions that teams should grapple with in order to help the team and individuals live with greater integrity.